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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Merry meet all,

Sorry i haven't posted in a while. I have been busy. But here I am. Ok so for all you practicing pagans and witches out there, here is a little crafting magic for you. I am in the midst of crafting a tree faery wand for myself.

I cut a 16-inch (roughly) branch from an apple tree. I cleaned off the extra small branches and leaves. I washed the branch and let it dry. I brought the branch indoors and then consecrated and cleansed the wand with incense, a candle (remember: safety) and rosemary water. I painted the branch in gold and added a citrine crystal to the point of the wand. Also, if you paint the wand with gold paint from the base of the tip to the point, you seal in the faery protective energies. Basically, if you put a lot of your energy into the wand, you will add more power and energy to the wand and in everything else that you do. I plan to add bells and ribbons and tie the ribbons to the bells. Then add the ribbons to the wand. The colors you choose are up to you. The wand could be painted silver as well if you so choose. Let the paint dry between coats and when dry, rest the wand on your altar. Crystals could be glued to the wand or you could inscribe symbols to the wand (i.e., runes or other significant symbols to you on the wand). Let the wand dry near sunlight to get solar energies.

Also, since a tree is kind enough to let you take a branch, leave an offering for the tree and tree spirits. I buried a stone I tumbled at the foot of the tree as an offering. Remember to thank the spirits.
This ensures they help you in the future with your wand and other endeavors.

Try to enjoy the last of summer. September may be a warm month. If you look closely, some plants are starting to store their energies for spring and winding down. There are lots of spider webs, dragonflies, busy bees and other critters out. Some leaves are already falling. Fall is coming but it's a slow arrival. Get out to enjoy the sun while you can. Blessed Be!!


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