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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Psychic Children with Learning Disabilities

People who are psychically sensitive are often erroneously diagnosed with learning disabilities or other forms of illness. They are simply sensitive souls that have a natural psychic ability. Psychic ability is inherent in everyone. It is a natural talent that when developed properly, leads to a better self-awareness and enhanced sixth sense. It is as normal as our other five senses. Some people are not aware of their sixth sense, some are aware and don’t develop it to its full extent. Some develop it fully and flourish. They are all usually known as sensitives, psychics or mediums.

A person can have a learning disability and psychic or mediumistic abilities simultaneously. We are all psychic or intuitive to a degree. There are a significant percentage of children with learning disabilities in America today. It may be harder to calculate how many of those children have psychic abilities. 

The term psychic is used to describe all the metaphysical abilities: intuitive, psychic and mediumistic. Intuition is defined as knowing something without outside knowledge. It is a subtle way of reaching into energy fields unconsciously to know information. Children are strongly tied to this ability as their talents are highly tuned. 

Psychic is the next level of development beyond intuition. It is an awareness of intuitive information and eagerness to work with it. They can access magnetic energy from human fields and energy fields, known as auras. Psychics connect by sensing energy fields and the life energies of the past lives of people. 

Mediums channel through spirit and a lighter frequency than the earth plane. Mediumship is an awareness of the vibrations of spirit beings and receiving messages from them. It is the communication of a deceased loved one through a conduit-the medium. The purpose of sending the messages from spirit to a loved one is to offer a comfort to the loved one. A medium connects to the crown chakra (or seventh energy level) at the top of the head; a connection is made to the higher plane of existence. 

Some young children who display their talents at a young age are taught to shun their gifts by society, schools, and parents. Unfortunately, in today’s society, it is still viewed negatively. It cannot be defined in the science world. There is a growing number of psychically gifted youth and adults emerging today. However, tradition or science still frowns on those blessed with an above average psychic gift. One person I know had a six-year battle with a doctor to get her daughter off the prescribed medications for treatment for a supposed mental illness. The girl had nothing wrong with her. She had simply inherited her mother’s psychic abilities. This is an indication of the way that psychic ability is viewed so negatively in the health or science world. It is a natural ability that can be developed much like a muscle can be strengthened. 

Often psychic ability is viewed as strange or that there is something mentally wrong with the person. To some doctors, it is viewed critically and regarded with suspicion. Sadly, this means that those gifted with psychic abilities are often given medications that are unnecessary and expensive. Parents send their children to the nurse’s room in schools to give them their daily dose of Ritalin. The children develop addictions to other worse drugs. The drugs are used as a type of ‘control’ over the child, which significantly diminishes their behavior or energy levels and psychic abilities. Six million children take Ritalin in schools today in America. 

There are classes that an individual can participate in. Workshops and psychic fairs offer an opportunity for people to meet other like-minded people. This bolsters one’s confidence in one’s own talents. The support system also leads to friendships, networks and opportunities to do psychic readings at fairs. 

Being a sensitive psychic soul requires practice and positive self-care. Epsom salts clear the aura and etheric body of any negativity. The etheric body is made up of Chi and forms a structure of meridians throughout the body. These meridians run through all the major organs, glands, nerves and energy centers. This system of etheric energy permeates the physical body, supporting and sustaining it. Plants and animals have an etheric body. The etheric body feeds the physical body with energy, which is vital to its survival. 

Rock salt candles release negative ions in the air, purifying the air. Candles, like tea lights, can soothe the mind and spirit. Herbal teas can also be relaxing. Essential oils can fragrance a room when burned in oil burners or added to a hot bath. These items are available at most health and wellness stores, farmers markets and psychic fairs and are relatively inexpensive. Meditation also aids in reaching higher awareness and improving one’s gifts. 

Lavender and chamomile are gentle herbs and oils that soothe when the world is overwhelming. Often, psychics feel bombarded by the manic media and world issues on our planet today. They require some quiet time to regroup and meditate, until they feel refreshed. 

Crystals can play a role in aiding a person’s psychic abilities. Clear quartz is a crystal of power and it is like a battery for spiritual communication, healing, protection and balancing. Rose quartz is a healing gentle crystal. Smoky quartz is grounding and protective. Hematite is protective, and aligns the spiritual world with the physical. Amethyst is purple quartz and is a healing and calming stone. 

There is a current phenomenon occurring in our world today. There is a new type of child, known as the Indigo child that is a good example of a child misdiagnosed with a learning disability. Not all children with learning disabilities are Indigo children and not all Indigo children have learning disabilities. The Indigo child is special and unique. It is highly common that Indigo children are gifted with above average psychic gifts. “An Indigo child is one who displays a new and unusual set of psychological attributes and shows a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before.” (Nicole Humphrey). Even autistic or young or older people classified as having Asperges are diagnosed with that instead of the doctor looking at the psychic gifts they possess. People believe these children have higher levels of spiritual consciousness and awareness. 

Characteristics of an Indigo child: 

Very intelligent

Feel greatly misunderstood by their family

Very creative and enjoy making things

Always want to know WHY

Hate repetitive work

Are rebellious in school

Experience depression

Hate service-oriented jobs

Prefer to be a leader or work alone

Are empathic

Can cry at the drop of a hat

May have trouble with Rage

Have trouble with systems

Feel alienated

Frustrated with American dream

Have a burning desire to change the world

Have psychic or spiritual experiences at young age

Have strong intuition

May have ADD 

Have psychic experiences, seeing angels, ghosts, OBE

Awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities

Are very sexually expressive

Seek meaning in life

73% have learning disabilities

Indigo children have a sense of a ‘deserving to be here’ and are confused when others don’t share that. They have high self-esteem and confidence. Indigo children have issues with authority and get easily bored or frustrated by ritual-oriented boring mundane systems or tasks. They try to do the tasks but always want to know ‘why’. They get frustrated with rigid systems and are known as the rebellious ones. Sometimes, Indigo children are seen as ‘loners’, and have difficulty in relations with other children in schools. They relate better with their own kind. 

Indigo children can show new and better ways of doing things, if teachers and parents take the time and patience to listen. If they don’t listen to or ignore the child, the child will get frustrated. They are highly creative and intelligent. 

The signs that a child may be an Indigo child are as follows: The reading or study of a child’s aura should indicate an indigo color or shade. The aura is composed of many colors. Indigo is the color for a higher spiritual awareness. The aura is the energy field that emanates from a person or object. Everyone has an aura. An Indigo child’s aura would show indigo color in their aura. 

Kirlian photography is a type of photography that can scan the aura. It takes a picture of the energy field around the human body, but not the human body itself. Semyon Kirlian in Russia discovered it in 1939. The hand is placed on a machine that gently reads the reflexology points of the hand. From that, the computer supplies three graphs that reveal the levels of stress in a person’s body, the level of harmony of the chakras and a person’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

This shows a need for compassion and patience in our world today. Let the children take the reins and show new and better ways of doing things. Fortunately, with the advances in medicine and a slow acceptance of psychic and mediumistic abilities, the future for these gifted children appears brighter. Helping children develop their psychic or mediumistic abilities combined with helping them with their learning disabilities in a nurturing and positive manner can bring out the best in a child. This will help them lead fuller, productive lives. This would erase the need for a drug or form of control.