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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Book Lovers' Ink

My writing busines, Book Lovers' Ink, is my freelance adventure. I enjoy running my own writing business and reaping the benefits. Every time I see my article or name in print, it gives me a rush. I am always grateful the day I attended the afternoon writing workshop led by Sandra Phinney, a dedicated and accomplished freelance writer. I learned much from her and found my calling.

Now I have six-eight magazine articles published. One in Pets Quarterly about my pet guinea pigs. The second article is about how pets can benefit elderly people's health and an article on organic food and the slow movement both appearing in The Source Health and Wellness magazine, http://www.thesourcemagazine.net. My story on my meeting with Margaret Atwood, two stories about my grandparents appear in Canadian Stories, http://www.canadianstories.net. I also have an article on www.witchvox.com about the beauty of the Cabot Trail and a poem on that site as well.

I have published a book of poetry, Metamorphosis. A sample of my poetry can be found on my website at http://www.bookLoversInk.com. The book is available at Frog Hollow Books, one of Nova Scotia's most respected independent bookstores in Park Lane Mall, Halifax.

In March 2006, I created a collection of my poems in a book entitled Metamorphosis: A Poet’s Symmetry. The book is 56 pages in length, 6”x9”, and is perfect bound. I developed the necessary skills in the production and marketing of my book.

I am a member of the League of Canadian Poets and of the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia that affords access to helpful organizations for book design and printing. Through their network, I contacted a local helpful organization, Publish Yourself. In April 2006, I obtained an ISBN and barcode and Cataloguing in Publication. I contacted local independent bookstores before printing the book. I am a member of the Public Lending Rights Commission and Access Copyright Canada.

I compiled the layout and order I wanted for my poetry book. For the cover of the book, I was fortunate to find a neighbor who was an authority on butterflies. He gave me a picture of a butterfly and I offered him a copy of the book. I contacted Nancy Roberts, the education director of the Self-Publishing Society in Nova Scotia, for feedback. She provided some commentary on the aspects of presentation for my book. Her comments were helpful.

I promoted the book to local bookstores, my friends and family and Coutts Library Services, a distributing company. Coutts ordered several copies and placed the books in libraries in Boston, the UK and Ontario. I placed the book on Legal Deposit with the National Library of Canada. Metamorphosis is at their online New Books Service site and on the website at Publish Yourself. It is in the library at WFNS and at the Halifax Public Regional Library. Metamorphosis was on display at the booth at Publish Yourself at Word on the Street Annual Fair and is displayed on my website at http://www.bookLoversInk.piczo.com. I designed and produced bookmarks for readers to use with Metamorphosis. The bookmark has also been placed in a variety of venues and serves as a marketing tool. The bookmark is available at select bookstores.

I did a reading of my poetry at One World Café, Café Mokka, Café Ole, the Shoestring Reading Series and Word on the Street. David Rimmington interviewed me for the Poetry Show at CKDU at Dalhousie University. I advertised the book on the online classified ads at The Coast. George Elliott Clarke reviewed it in the Chronicle-Herald in September 2006. I have enclosed a copy of his review with this submission. I organized a successful Art and Poetry Show party at my home. My friend sold his paintings and I sold a few copies of my books. We held a poetry reading that night.

I am the ownerof my own freelance writing company, Book Lovers’ Ink Literary Services. It has been in operation since October 2005. I look forward to the opportunity to establish myself as a serious writer and to take my poetry to the next level.

So with a book of poetry and some published articles under my belt, I anticipate what the future holds. It is always exciting because one never knows and so the discovery is more enjoyable. I write from home and am available at my email address.

I am willing to write articles, newsletters, need assistance with web pages, resumes, poetry, or whatever else a company or individual may require. I look forward to hearing from people who are interested.

News: National Poetry Month is in April!