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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cryptic Texts

It has been a while since I posted here. My apologies to all.

Friday night left me bored and up to no good. I looked around and decided then that I DID have pendulums, spell books, tarot cards to interpret and that I had not paid a fortune for them for nothing. Suddenly, I was not so bored.

I put on some music, lit candles and set down a purple decorative cloth on my table. The sun set, the stars shone and dragons and owls kept a stern watch on guard.

I pulled out my spell books, and got to work. I began with the tarot and spent an hour trying to decipher the Rider Waite tarot cards. I am a beginner in tarot and Rider Waite is purposefully hard to interpret. The cards opposed each other and the magic is ruined by looking up the meaning of each card and then more impossible to derive a meaning of the ten cards as a whole. I put that aside for a time and turned to my pendulums. A wind blew in from my open window which spread the lovely scent of frankincense through the room. THe candle flames flickered and I felt like a wizard or priestess alone in a dark dusty library reading ancient texts by candlelight. I was carried away by the magic. i could almost hear the hooting of owls in the night.
I own 3 pendulums- two I bought and one was given to me. The pendulums are all beautiful and usu work great. Tonight was not the night.

I watched the candle flames flicker and relit the frankincense. I am working slowly on a book of shadows. I spent an hour or more on the book of shadows- how to put it together in a careful, meaningful and artistic way. It has to be done with care.
I want to compile a beautiful book of spells I would prefer a handmade bound wooden or leather book of shadows and hope to accomplish this within the year. A witch traditionally begins a book of shadows on the new year @ Samhain. I cannot wait that long.

The time flew and it was late before I knew it. I blew out the candles, put the spell books away, knowing I could visit that magic world again. Goodnight owls and dragons