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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Merry Meet All,

Today's topic deals with the power of the Law of Attraction and Manifesting what we want to attract in our lives. I realize some may scoff or feel skeptical but there is something to this. I will provide some examples to prove that works.

I had a dream one night of a butter dish. Ok maybe that's a small thing and rather dull-but I felt a bit spooked when upon entering a dollar store, the very dish I had dreamt about was right there on the shelf! I bought it and it serves me well.

Dreams can help with attracting our desires to us but dreams are just part of the whole picture. Scrying, tarot, pendulums and using the steps to wish for what we want can be included.

Visualize your goal or desire in your mind. Picture it clearly-be it a cute pet, healthy garden, new job or new love. Clearly visualize it.

Believe that the goal or desire is yours or soon to be.

Have faith that you can achieve your goal. Here is the tricky part: Try to do this when you feel positive. To some, and I know from being there, it is easy to say and not do. But it actually is. I have had times when I had no money to buy food. We all need food to live on. It nourishes our bodies. I felt quite negative and unhappy. Yet I would try as hard as I could to believe that I could attract to myself what I wanted or needed. The second that you let go, you are telling the Universe to not send you what you wished for. It is a direct counter approach to positivity. Sometimes, the harder I tried, the better results I got and also felt happier.

Patience is the next step. Also, in case your goal does not materialize, try to have a backup strategy-a friend, to help you achieve a goal or manifest a desire. What you want may not appear spontaneously or be what you really wanted. Time is needed for things to happen.

Pay attention to the world around you. You may wish to have a better apartment to live in. Signs come to me and I have learned to recognize them. For example, I envisioned a house on a hill in a teacup by chance. Before I moved in to my current house, I wrote down a list of what I desired in the new residence. The place I live in now has everything I wanted. I can't find the list now but I no longer need it.

That is what I mean by the law of attraction and visualization. It does work. I look forward to seeing your success stories of what you achieved.

Blessed Be


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