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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Psychic Defense

Greetings all

Hope you're enjoyng the weather. Today's post is about defending yourself from other people's negativity. This is a vital and very useful tool to have as a sensitive person.

Ever walk away after talking to someone and feel drained or lightheaded? or totally exhaused and unhappy? Chances are, they were not your feelings or emotions but someone else's. A person you were in contact with has robbed you of your energy. Mainly your positive energy. Some of the time, this is purppsefully done and sometimes, it isn't. However, here are some tips to help shield you to keep your own positive spirits high:

Wear a protective amulet, pendant or tailisman when in contact with someone who drains you Useful for deflection

Use a protection spray available at Sarahs Spiritual Treasures to help shield you

Carry tiger's eye, smoky quartz, or rose quartz on your person

Try to be as positive as possible

Visualize a shield of whatever form you please around yourself

Stay healthy Helps big time to deflect negative energies The healthier you are the stronger you are

Good luck
Hope this helps
Blessed Be

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