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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Office Chi

Merry Meet All,

2010 is here. I have recently refreshed my whole desk area and am here to share how I did that with you. Though I am a Wiccan, I heartily embrace the philosophy of feng shui. I was amazed at the difference of the energy at my small desk area. More information on feng shui can be easily found online and in bookstores and libraries, but I will share some tips with you now.

Chi is the life force that is believed to be inherent in all things. Prana is also a word for life force energy. Good chi or prana is good energy. That is essential when striving towards a positive working area.

Besides doing some mundane chores of cleaning the desk area, I wiped down my desk monitor. I placed my lamp opposite my power hand to the left side. I placed a Buddha candle to the east side to welcome prosperity. I switched the desktop screen to a softer, flowing water image. I placed some grounding crystals such as selenite, hematite and smoky quartz on my desk to ground the energies. My spider plant hangs between the door and the computer. Plants bring good wood chi into an area. I can see outside from my computer and window. A lovely birch tree greets my eyes. I took my waste basket from under my computer to a different spot in the room. That made a huge difference right there.

I also deleted old, unused, ancient files from my folders and updated several files. This also created good chi and freed up my hard drive space. I also bought a cordless phone, freeing me to be in different places that I chose to be in and not have to depend on cords or be tangled in cords. I like to download music but was unaware that I downloaded music from a hacker virus infected site. I have deleted all the songs and am never downloading songs from the site anymore (which I won't name here to avoid more problems.) Thanks to some advice from a good friend, I have avoided a computer crash. My computer alarmed me when my screen and Itunes froze. I knew something was amiss. i did a virus check and all is well now. I try to keep computer cords out of view.

So with all that, my writing space is now more positive, energized, full of good chi and I am ready to get going with my writing projects. I look forward to the positive opportunities that come my way. Already I have two proposals on their way and some new ones underway. Feng Shui is a wonderful philosophy. I hope this inspires you to do the same and create good energy where you work.

Sunday's Magic Correspondences

The ruling planet is the Sun, the metal is gold, the colors are yellow and gold, the deities are Brighid, Helios and Ra. The gemstones are quartz crystal, diamond, amber and carnelian. The herbs are marigold, sunflower and cinnamon. The associations are agriculture, beauty, victory, self-expression and creativity.

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