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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Plant Vibrations

IF you're anything like me, you love plants. I own 3 spider plants, two Jades, a Dracaena, a Goldfish plant, a Bay Leaf plant, a Kalanchoe, an Aloe Vera and a Swedish Ivy. I love to nurture plants. That may explain why I own so many and why they grow so well. A major part of this is due to the fact that I, and I can attest it's a fact, that I am 1 All green thumbs, and 2 that I can sense plants' vibrations.

Plant vibrations are real. I remember when I repotted my large beautiful jade plant and I misted the plant, watered it and stared in amazement. Lights, energy and vibrations bounced off the plant. A jade is a succulent, which means they can hold water and don't need constant watering but that time, I could hold my hands close to the plant and sense the energies. It was that strong. I have grown this large lovely money plant since it was a baby.

A wilting plant obviously needs water but there have been other things I have sensed from plants. Whether they were content in their location, wanted to be moved to another spot, wanted to be repotted, wanted to be moved to a new home, wanted to come home with me (that happened yesterday with the Kalanchoe) or needed more sunlight.

I gifted Willow with two African Violet plants. When she had settled them in their new spot, I felt the plants tell me they were quite happy in their new loving home. Tuning into a plant's energy or vibration is easy. Simply look at the plant -soften the gaze and be nice-plants can tell, and see if you pick up anything. When you casually walk by a plant, does anything pop into your head? Plants 'talk' to me all the time. Place your hand gently upon the plant. See if you mentally or psychically sense anything. Does a jolt run up your hand or do you get a tingling. Feel the soil, stroke the plant's base, feel the texture of the petals or leaves. That's the heart of the plant and the voice of the plant. It is all textile and sensual. I have a way that I stroke the woody base of my large jade plant and I talk to it all the time. I can't live without my plants.

For another example, I put my small jade plant in the bathroom. The poor thing drooped. I moved the plant back to the window it was originally at and the plant perked back up. That could be an easy one but it shows that they do try to communicate their needs with us. Take the time to listen. Every few months, I also treat my plants to a trim and some plant food, usually in spring and in winter. Pruning does not hurt a plant.

In turn, plants work with our vibrations. They are good company for us, require us to care for them-like pets, and clean the air for us. Plants work with our vibrations twenty-four hours round the clock. They simply require tender loving care. I read in an herbal book of mine that plants have been able to detect criminals when they were tested and attached to a galvanometer. Scientists have discovered that plants may have the same nervous systems we do. Plants are very sensitive. Plants-herbs and flowers, trees, what have you, have provided humans with an array of cures, teas and scents and pleasing designs in our homes since millennia.

So next time you see a plant or sense your plant begging to be watered, pay attention. It's trying to tell you something.

Blessed Be


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